theluckylips asked:

I'd really love to give up dairy ( I'm a vegetarian for now ) but I think it would be almost impossible considering I'm only 14 and not the one buying my food - or the stuff at school. Could you tell me any substitutes I could eat for now?

269life Answer:

There are countless of veggie milk and cheese products, google has all the info :) personally I started veganism at age 13, it’s a bit harder than doing it at an older age, though it’s completely do able. Educate yourself and your surroundings, make a change and things will change accordingly :)

Good luck !

thatcat-lady asked:

It's amazing what you guys do for these animals. Please never stop, the animals thank you for it.

269life Answer:

Thank you !

say-me0w asked:

Your page is amazing. I am truly so happy to have found this page, please continue with it because it makes me so happy to know that there are pages out there just like this one. Truly inspirational, i'm grateful for you or whom ever runs this. Have a wonderful day!

269life Answer:

Thank you so much for your support! 

Great day to you too :) x